Calling the Comforter

Psychic and Empath

From the beginning, the ancient civilizations and the Native people of this planet have used dreams and visions to guide them in their lives just as they have honored and sought guidance from their ancestors and teachers who have passed into the Spirit World.

"We tend to consider that the dead are always with us. The population of our communities at any given time is the sum of those who are living and those who have died. We live comfortably together"

Chief Noel Starblanket

It is our understanding that at this time, we are preparing to enter into a new world, a kinder, more gentle world and one in which the teachings of the Native people will again become a part our way of life. As we move into this new world, however, a period of chaos is to be expected and many of us are currently experiencing confusion, loss of security, loneliness. and despair. It is in these times that we may look for someone who will truly listen to us and help guide us on our journey. In these times we look for a comforter.

Kris Bonta has been in touch with the Spirit World word since she was a small child and for the past 20 years, has given readings for hundreds of people around the world. She is both a psychic and an empath...this is her gift. And she has the rare gift also, of being available to truly listen to whomever she is speaking with . As the world renown spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle has said, the the greatest gift we can give another person is to listen with our complete attention.

Each reading is given with the utmost integrity, sensitivity and respect. Not so much intended as predictions about the future, these readings offer in-depth insights into ways in which we may better deal with the present, understand our friends and families [and this includes pets] more completely and move more easily through difficult times and challenges. The readings offer insight and direction which you are free to act on as you choose; they are not intended to be formal counseling sessions.


"Kris is truly a miracle. She is helpful and profound, zeroing in on what is most important and essential to any situation, where you feel you need help. Kris is always honest and insightful, advising us in many areas of our lives. We're very fortunate to know such an angel here on Earth."

Stuart & Dawn
Business Owners Working with Global 1000 Corporations

"I fully believe that had I not called Kris to confirm my feelings, my husband would not be alive today. We are most grateful for Kris's God given gift!"

De Guggenheim
Accounting Co-ordinator
Alvin Guggenheim & Associates
Houston, Texas

"Kris has a special gift for assisting people with problems - understanding the lessons in a difficulty, shedding light on one's own blind spots and revealing the hidden motives of others... She empowers people to take charge of their own lives and to feel comforted and confident no matter how negative the situation - in a totally truthful yet kindhearted, non-judgmental way."

Deborah Denner
Austin, Texas

It is Kris's commitment:

  • to respect personal beliefs and lifestyles
  • to be courteous, and compassionate
  • to maintain the client's confidentiality
  • to provide counsel without judgment or pressure
  • to hold the highest good of all involved
  • to give each reading from the highest ideal.

How to schedule and pay for a reading

Email Kris at kcritchfie@austin.rr.com or call 512.945.9795. Once your appointment time is confirmed and you have been given the number to call, make the appropriate payment using Paypal. If you prefer to pay by check, this is fine also but we will need to receive your payment prior to your reading. Checks should be made out to Rites of Passage, ACA and mailed to:

Rites of Passage, ACA
ATTN: Kris Bonta
6909 Whispering Oaks Drive
Austin, Texas 78745

Phone readings: 15 minutes
30 minutes $50.00
45 minutes
Readings by email: 3 questions $25.00

Calling the Comforter helps support Rites of Passage, ACA and as well provides a service which we believe complements our work and corresponds with our philosophy.